10 Mar 2014


Simply put, a self-builder is someone who commissions a new home to be built that is tailored to suit personal design requirements, lifestyle and budget. 10% of all new homes built in the UK are self-builds, and that figure is on the rise. Possibilities for self-build homes are endless when it comes to style, materials and costs – from pre-designed kit homes to ambitious bespoke projects managed entirely by the homeowner. Whatever the motive to self-build – be it aesthetics, value or sustainability – the wonderful advantage of self-building is its opportunity to create a home completely suited to individual preferences.

A self-build project is a major undertaking and market research is integral to its success. Use the following fundamentals as a springboard for your self-build journey:

• Find a suitable plot
• Secure the project funding, finances and budget
• Finalise the design with the help of an architect
• Secure planning permission
• Decide how much or little you are to be involved in the project – essentially if you are to project manage the construction or conduct any of the hard physical labour.
• Set a time-frame and start your self-build!

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