10 Mar 2014


Converting a building means creating a livable space somewhere that was never intended to sustain it, which obviously has its positives and negatives. Whether you are converting a basement or barn, a conversion project offers the opportunity for unique character and added volume.
Converting a barn

In light of strict planning rules, the idea of converting a barn into a dream home is increasingly attractive to those looking to move to the country, but don’t forget that types of barns available are often determined by the area of the country. The most successful conversions reflect the building’s heritage and make the best use of natural light with open-plan designs and extensive glazing. As with any out-of-the-ordinary project, carefully consider finance, permission and design.

Converting a basement or loft

A home conversion has the advantage of adding space without radically impacting on the property’s exterior. Converting an existing cellar into a habitable space does not need planning permission as it involves only a change of use and loft additions under 50m³ fall under Permitted Developments. However, always carefully research building regulations and be aware that you may need planning permission for a listed building or Conservation Area.

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