September 2023

Welcome to the September edition of i-build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.

When undertaking the renovation of historic structures, especially those designated as listed properties, it becomes paramount to honour their original purpose as a means of safeguarding their architectural, cultural and historical importance. In certain instances, this process entails showcasing elements like unexpected wishing wells, discreet entrances to concealed cellars or ingenious original construction methods.

Illustrating this principle, the owner of an intriguingly-unconventional concrete building, situated within Dorset's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, chose to uphold the essence of the building by crafting a unique bomb-blast opening, which now floods the once-dim WWII bunker with natural light.

In this issue, we delve into the intricacies of the bunker, conceived by Corstorphine & Wright, and discover how the structure went from a dilapidated and dishevelled state to one of the coolest holiday homes on the market. Turn to page 14 to read the whole story.

Aligning with our focus on concrete and masonry, our next project leads us to yet another historic structure, albeit in an urban setting. The distinguished Grade II-Listed residence, Stone House, a stately villa situated in London's affluent Islington, has undergone a comprehensive rejuvenation and expansion under the guidance of Architecture for London. The outcome is a residence that seamlessly amalgamates capacious areas for communal activities. See more on page 20.

Rebecca Kemp

[email protected]