February 2023

Welcome to the February edition of i-build magazine! This issue is packed with inspirational projects and products as well as useful advice for your self-build.

To add to those annual January blues, the first month of 2023 was riddled with bitterly-cold days and ice, rain and snowfall in most parts of the UK. Of course, this saw many of us crank up our thermostats, and even some of the nation's energy providers offered homeowners cash incentives to use less energy at peak times to reduce pressure on the National Grid as part of the Peak Save scheme. As we predicted back in the late summer of 2022, energy usage is front of mind at the moment, with homeowners and billpayers looking at different ways to heat their homes and, ultimately, keep that warmth in.

This tedious, high-cost energy spell we're currently living through has really brought the importance of energy efficiency into perspective. Luckily, those renovating or even self-building their own homes are in an extremely advantageous position to futureproof their homes against energy inefficiencies for cost savings in the long run.

In this month's issue, JELD-WEN talks about how today’s homeowners are seeking more energy-efficient products, highlighting the role that internal doors have to play when keeping your home warm in the winter. Turn to page 26 to read the full article.

Whilst this colder, windy weather may be out of the ordinary for many, others are certainly accustomed to tougher weather conditions, and some are even factoring in the long-term effects the elements will have on the fabric of their building. Such projects include those by the coast. While summer may be an ideal season for coastal living, there are many considerations to bear in mind to equip a home for the harsher winter months when planning a seaside home. On page 28, IQ Glass runs through some elements to take into account if you're building near the shoreline.

Last but by no means least, we transport you to the wild, naturally beautiful scenes of the Outer Hebrides where Koto Design and Unnos Systems have designed and built a sculptural, minimal house for Ewan Macdonald, a former Olympian Curler, and his wife, Amy. It is truly a sight to behold. Turn to page 16 to read more about this project.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Don’t forget, if you’re coming to the end of your self-build and would like us to feature your home as inspiration for other budding house-builders, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re about to embark on your self-build journey and would be keen for us to document your progress, do get in contact.

Rebecca Kemp

[email protected]