28 Mar 2019

Subtle warm nuances in your self-build bathroom

When decorating your self-build bathroom, picking the right scheme to create a calm and relaxing environment might feel like a difficult task.


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Warm, welcoming colour combinations enhance the sense of space within the bathroom and give a light, harmonious impression. Adding furniture in lighter colours is ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Focal points can be created by single, intense splashes of colour, such as a console made from real-wood walnut or perhaps some pieces of furniture finished in chrome. Doing this creates order in the room and, at the same time, provides space for decorative accessories in broken white and soft natural tones.

There is a wide range of options for blending various shades of colour and materials in your self-build bathroom.

Using warm lighting will also help to create a natural and appealing atmosphere and will help showcase the subtle nuances in your self-build bathroom in their best light.

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