11 Sep 2018

What to consider when choosing blinds for your self-build

Blinds 2Go, one of the UK’s largest online window blind retailers, gives its top tips for picking the best blind for you.


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With a wide range of made-to-measure blinds, curtains and shutters for an array of different windows on offer, there are a number of things to consider when buying blinds.

Is the window a standard size and shape?

If your window is a square, standard shape, then you should be able to purchase a wide range of different styles of blinds, curtains and shutters. For non-standard shapes such as circular or rectangular windows, you would need to go to a specialist supplier for blinds to fit these apertures.

Which room of the house is it?

If it is a bedroom, then you should consider blinds that are room darkening, such as blackout roller blinds or pleated blinds. If it is a bathroom or kitchen, then you should choose something that is suitable in humid conditions such as polyester blinds/curtains or polymer shutters.

What are your considerations for accessing light and the view?

If you want to be able to allow more light or see the view through your windows, then you might want to choose a voile blind or curtains. Roller and roman blinds are also a good choice as they can be pulled up or adjusted for light control whilst still being able to see out of your window.

In addition to these considerations, there are some specialist windows and doors which are particularly popular in self-build properties where you may not have considered using blinds, for example, blinds for bi-fold doors, blinds for patio doors and roof window blinds.

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