10 May 2018

Why every self-builder should contemplate adding bi-folding doors to their project and looks at one couple who did just that

Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin, discusses why every self-builder should contemplate adding bi-folding doors to their project and looks at one couple who did just that.


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"Bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular amongst self-builders and are a great option for those considering building their own home or extension. Aesthetically, bi-folding doors have many benefits, offering a wider view than French doors as well as an unrestricted widescreen view of your garden.

“Bi-folding doors can also be incredibly thermally-efficient. The best indicators of thermal efficiency are U-values. These show the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material, so self-builders should look for the lowest the number available for optimum efficiency.

“It is possible to install bi-folding doors in a matter of hours, making them a great option for self-builders. Companies like Origin can also deliver bi-folding doors within 24 hours of placing the order, which is perfect for those looking to shorten their build schedule.”

One couple who took advantage of the benefits of bi-folding doors was Jamie and Liz Parr. During their time living and working abroad, the pair bought their property with the intention of one day returning to the UK and renovating it. After several years soaking up culture and learning new languages, the Parrs kept their promise and moved back to the UK; and their homebuilding project began.

The extensive renovations began in 2016. The couple state that they considered knocking down the whole building and starting again but couldn’t do this as the building is located on a conservation area. So, the entire house was redecorated.

Every room was given attention, from fitting new lights, repainting and completely redecorating. The couple were on a mission to turn their tired property into a modern home. “We wanted a connected home with all the creature comforts,” Jamie says, “the new lights are controlled using Wi-Fi and we installed solar panels to generate electricity cost-effectively.”

Set against an impressive church background, Jamie wanted something equally as impressive and timeless for his kitchen extension. Completely replacing one of the walls with an eight-door Origin bi-fold set and then a three-door set on the adjacent wall, Jamie was determined to create the wow factor that would lend functionality when entertaining guests in the large garden and patio area. To create a contemporary look, the Parrs opted for bi-folding doors that perfectly frame the carefully considered interior design whilst simultaneously contrasting with the exterior cladding.

In the main building, the couple created a bay and replaced new French doors and windows either side to complete the casement. This combination lets in an immense amount of natural light and scenery, enhancing the living space and creating a real feeling that the indoor and outdoor is one of the same.

Jamie and Liz are delighted with the results: “Having lived abroad over the years, we’ve seen some truly memorable scenery and views. We wanted to create another one in our own UK home.” It’s safe to say they achieved this.

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