27 Jul 2017

Keep your grass looking fresh and well kept with these top tips


When it comes to getting your outdoor spaces ready for the months ahead, whether you’ve got acres of lawn or just a small patch, there’s no excuse for not being well equipped.

Often our lawns can take a beating throughout the British seasons, so during the warmer months take note of these tips from gardening tool specialist, RYOBI, and you’ll be set for the year ahead. The first grass cut of the season is often the most important so, if you haven’t already, be sure to set your lawnmower’s cutting height to the highest setting, especially if your grass is long. If you cut it very short straight away, you run the risk of damaging your lawnmower blades as well as the grass itself. Mowing at the correct height encourages healthy growth and reduces the risk of weed problems.

Mow your garden on the higher level first, and then follow by lowering your mower to an appropriate height for subsequent cuts about a week later.


Tools for the job

When choosing a lawnmower, bear in mind the size and shape of your garden as this will determine what type is best suited for you.

RYOBI’s 36V Fusion Cordless Lawnmower is part of the ONE+ range of cordless tools, providing outstanding 36V performance powered by dual 18V Lithium+ batteries. EasyEdge technology allows you to mow right up to the grass edge or around flower beds. This, combined with its 40cm cutting path with metal blade and five-position (20-70mm) height adjustment, ensures excellent cutting and mulching. The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable mowing experience for users of all heights.

Complementing your mowing with a grass trimmer will give you a bit more flexibility in how you care for your lawn and remove weeds. For best performance, RYOBI’s 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer provides fantastic runtime when paired with a 1.5Ah battery (or 2.5Ah if you have a particularly large garden). Adjust the width to 25 or 30cm for versatile cutting and transition between edging and trimming modes with ease thanks to EasyEdge technology.


Benefits of using lawn edging for your self-build’s garden

There is still plenty of summertime left to get into your garden. Make the most of the warm weather by sprucing up your self-build’s outdoor space. Here, five-star plastic supplier, The Plastic People, explains how you can tidy up your garden with lawn edging.

There’s so much choice available

A way to separate grass from garden beds or layers of pebbles and stones, lawn edging can be made from brick, concrete, fencing, metal, plastic tubing, rubber, stone and tiles. No matter your garden’s design, there will be a material to suit.

It makes your garden smarter

Once lawn edging is installed, you can enjoy defined beds and borders. What’s more, edging acts as a root barrier from lawn grass and weeds messing up space where plants are growing, as well as keeping soil and mulch away from grass.

Saving time

Choosing lawn edging made from a material that can withstand lawn mower blades means you will have a clear border to go to when cutting your grass. The time saved by not needing to be as careful around the border of your garden can then be put to better use, such as planting a new batch of colourful flowers and topping up your bird feed.

It’s quick and easy to install

Choose flexi-edge lawn edging like that available from The Plastic People and you can install the edging without any digging. Thanks to its straight and curved edges which can be bent up to 70°, this type of edging can be placed around trees and bushes as well as around a lawn.


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