27 Jul 2017

How to achieve a spa-like feel in your bathroom


Here Dan Cook, Designer at luxury bathroom company C.P. Hart, explains how to achieve that spa-like feel in your self-build’s bathroom.

Home spa elements are becoming much more accessible and fit for purpose in the modern home, going beyond the ever-popular hydrotherapy bath systems. Thanks to new innovations, people can now enjoy the luxury of steam integrated into their shower enclosure, eliminating the need for additional space. Similar developments have seen more affordable sauna offerings being introduced to the domestic market. As consumers become more aware of wellness technologies, including chromotherapy, they are being specified at the planning stage of a new bathroom.

Music systems are also a popular choice, as people reassess how they interact with their bathroom, no longer seeing it as just a functional room. There are modest products on the market that may not be ‘all singing, all dancing’, but will still enhance your bathroom experience, such as colour-changing LEDs, a shower steam generator or multi-function shower head. Most baths can be updated to incorporate whirlpool jets and lighting, which can be cost-effective if you do not wish to replace your whole bathtub. It also means you can experience hydrotherapy in a smaller space, simply by adapting your existing tub.

Consumers are much more aware of the benefits of wellness products so are willing to introduce these elements into their homes. While, perhaps, three years ago a sauna was an extravagant product and unnecessary in the everyday bathroom, we are seeing a rising interest in sauna and steam. Home spas and wetrooms are expected to see a great deal of growth over the coming years – it is no longer a ‘specialist’ product and consumers are keen to embrace more technological possibilities in their homes, as well as viewing their bathroom areas as spaces to relax and unwind, as opposed to a solely utilitarian area.




Steel enamel: the perfect material for creating a home spa feel

Bathrooms must not only feature an attractive and timeless design, but must also be cost-effective. The quality of the material used thus becomes a competitive factor because it determines the length of use and lowers the costs for maintenance and replacement.

Steel enamel is a quality material which, with its glass-hard surface, is both exceptionally high grade and robust. Some steel enamel manufacturers offer additional benefits, for example chip-resistant, acid-resistant, heat-resistant, UV-resistant and recyclable.

Steel enamel is the perfect material for a bath because of its exceptionally high surface quality. Showing not even the tiniest of scratches despite daily use, it is extremely hygienic and easy to clean as dirt and limescale have nowhere to settle so it is an eminently safe choice. It is a material that stays looking good for many, many years with a beautiful sheen.

Kaldewei’s Skin Touch system is available with selected Kaldewei steel enamel baths and creates the perfect home spa experience. Skin Touch combines the ultimate relaxation bath with luxurious, deep-penetrating body care. Microfine air bubbles flow into the bath water and enrich it with natural oxygen, producing an instantly noticeable anti-ageing effect. Cell production and circulation are stimulated, skin is deeply cleansed, lines and wrinkles are smoothed – all entirely without bath additives. The tiny air bubbles disperse evenly through the tub like a delicate bath milk, softly caressing the body. The result is skin that feels velvety-smooth and silky from head to foot and stays that way long after a bath as well.

Sound Wave is Kaldewei’s unique audio system for its baths which plays music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The steel enamel bath acts as the sound box, providing an audio experience with a difference, it can be played with or without water, allowing customers to immerse and unwind to their favourite sounds, creating the ultimate relaxation environment in the home.



Bette says:

Sven Rensinghoff, Head of Marketing at Bette, comments: “Creating a spa-like bathroom is as much about the quality of the experience as it is about a more traditional view of what a spa should be. Spacious, freestanding baths and baths where two people can bathe together, even side by side, such as the BetteSpa, help to bring the feeling of the spa into a bathroom, as do large shower areas, especially those that are flush to the floor.

“The way that baths are filled can add to the wellbeing feeling, even before the user steps into the bath. These include spring inlets, like BetteSpring, that allow the water to rise, quietly from the base of the bath, as if it is coming from a natural spring.”



Where to start?

When looking to create a bathroom with a spa-like feel in the home you need to start with the mood you want to achieve. The combination of matts with high-gloss finishes is an effective option as it adds light and shadow to a room, giving it depth and interest.

Duravit’s Luv collection is a perfect example, the oval above-the-counter washbasins with their delicate appearance belies their robustness, made from DuraCeram – an impact-resistant ceramic that does not absorb light or scents, ensuring it keeps its colour, and is resistant to high temperatures, making it an ideal material for use in a bathroom.

The oval washbasins are available in three sizes, each with a generous inner basin in bold high-gloss white, whilst the exterior of the basin has a choice of colour options, satin matt white, grey or sand. They sit atop console tables, their quartz or solid American walnut wood tops harmoniously blending with the soft tones of the stand below.

The Luv bathtub has been seamlessly manufactured from DuraSolid. With its slender edge and velvety matt finish, it follows the same soft curves and flowing lines as the washbasins. The Luv bath is available as a freestanding or corner bath, with left and right options, this Luv bath is designed to give the appearance of being freestanding, which adds to the spa-like feel of the room.

Into all this, elegant symmetry technology also plays its part, with the introduction of intuitive electronic controls, state-of-the-art whirl air systems and the ultimate accessory, a Bluetooth module for listening to music above and below water, all combine to create the perfect atmosphere for the home spa bathroom.


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