30 Jun 2017

Guidance and inspiration for those self-builders in search of kitchen appliances


There is nothing quite like being able to touch and feel an appliance to determine its quality and find out more about its functionality and performance, says Luke Shipway, Product Manager at Caple.

The best place to go to see an appliance in the flesh is to visit your local independent retailer, as this way you will see first-hand the quality of the appliance. The kitchen designer can give you expert advice on the functions and programmes available so you can make an informed decision and choose an appliance that complements your lifestyle and family needs. Many of Caple’s appliances are sold through kitchen retailers who will have working models on display, so you can see a demonstration on how these appliances are operated and which ones will best suit your needs.

Look for appliances that feature programmes and functions, which are tailored to make your life even easier and enable you to achieve outstanding results. Built-in ovens now come with a whole host of intelligent features such as preprogrammed recipes and innovative controls, which will deliver outstanding cooking results. A pyrolytic oven provides you with a quick, easy and inexpensive way in which to clean the interior, as it uses less electricity than the cost of the chemicals.


If you’re buying all your appliances for your new kitchen, ensure the fascias are coherent for a seamless finish, which is particularly important in open-plan kitchen designs. You need to choose matching appliances of the same height, such as placing a conventional oven next to a compact combi-steam oven and warming drawer for a neat finish. Consider whether you require a vertical or horizontal bank of appliances. A vertical display looks superb in a large kitchen whereas a vertical configuration may suit a smaller space. You can instantly create a more streamlined finish in an open-plan kitchen scheme where a variety of activities take place within the same room. The appliances will all be installed within easy reach and together so this configuration makes more sense for an ergonomic kitchen design. If you enjoy entertaining regularly, having a built-in coffee machine or wine cabinet in the kitchen will certainly be a benefit.

Compare energy labels on products and look for appliances that have high energy ratings as these will help you reduce your electricity bills in the long-term as well as your environmental impact. Certain product areas stand out as their eco-benefits are more obvious – for example, a dishwasher is instantly more resource-efficient than washing dishes by hand and you can make them even more efficient by taking advantage of the various features the appliance may offer.



Induction cooking – a worthwhile investment

It wasn’t long ago that the induction hob was cutting-edge and niche technology, however, today it is standard kit for many new kitchens.

There are numerous brands and models to choose from so always invest in the best induction hob you can afford to maximise the advantages.

The most recent Which? survey revealed that 66% of us are worried about energy prices. When planning your kitchen, investing in the latest technology that promotes energy-saving is a worthy, long-term proposition; cooking using induction technology will certainly contribute to improving your carbon footprint.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, looking for a bit of guidance when cooking, or you are a master chef needing an extra pair of hands in your kitchen, it’s always great to have an appliance that can offer a bit of assistance. That’s where the latest induction hobs are changing the game with a revolutionary assisted-cooking experience that makes the art of cooking pleasurable and instinctive.


Today’s best induction hobs can automatically set, monitor and control the temperature, as well as alert you, via an acoustic signal, when to add various ingredients. And, for complete safety and peace of mind, will ensure that the contents never boil over or burn dry.

Induction technology is now available in premium built-in ovens. Providing excellent cooking results with minimum effort, they are at the forefront of cooking technology delivering faster cooking times and greater energy efficiency, saving up to 50% in time and energy.

With guaranteed high-level cooking performance, together with time-saving and low-energy consumption, induction cooking is an obvious choice for the modern home today. And, with the continuing rise of fuel costs, there has never been a better time to consider the future.


Keep your self-build looking new with a water softener

When you’re spending your savings on a self-build or renovation, chances are you’ll be preoccupied with getting the project finished on time and, more importantly, within budget.

However, here’s one simple thing you might not have considered – something which could make the difference between you spending thousands more than you need to in years to come, or saving it. That is the hardness of your water.

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll be familiar with limescale on your kitchen and bathroom taps or shower screens. Caused by the minerals in your water, it can quickly cause an unsightly mess and make your dream home look worn out in a matter of months.

But limescale from hard water is more than just a fact of life to be lived with through more and more cleaning. If left untreated, it can cause real damage to your appliances and heating or hot water systems too. Any device with a heating element that uses water is affected. When those appliances are brand new, exposing them to hard water is little different to throwing your money away.


A water softener removes those ‘hard’ minerals from your water to prevent limescale from forming. It protects your appliances inside and out; making them last longer and look better for longer.

Water hardness varies from place to place, so whether a softener is right for you and your next project depends very much on where you live. However it’s something that every self-build project should, at the very least, consider.


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