06 Mar 2018

Top trends for kitchen appliances


Those who are serious about food look for kitchen appliances that provide professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design. The kitchen is the concert hall of the home and the distinctive and iconic design of appliances has never before been so important.

Appliances are integral to every kitchen. Major cooking appliances now feature the very best in design and feature high-quality materials, which evoke style and elegance in the kitchen. Here Alexander Smith, Business Development Manager at KitchenAid, discusses the top appliance trends you should look out for.


1. Built-in appliances

Kitchen design has changed and a neat, horizontal, bank of appliances is sleek and easily creates a focal point in the kitchen that is highly functional. Growth of the large cooking appliance market, in 2017, has largely been driven by sales of built-in cooking appliances1 that blend seamlessly into the kitchen. This has been reported as a result of the continued trend of open-plan living and a peak in consumers’ interest towards image and design1.

2. Distinctive design and colour in the kitchen

Stainless steel is synonymous with the professional kitchen as it is functional, hygienic and durable. Stainless steel has recently been modernised by going black. Black has been in focus in 2017 and remains a hot trend for the coming year as it offers an iconic and contemporary appearance.


3. Professional performance

Research has found that a quest for ‘premiumisation’ remains a big trend in the UK, with consumers continuing to favour products that demonstrate their success2. Technology drives this demand, as consumers are willing to pay for products that will provide them with more for time, security and health2. Manufacturers are subsequently motivated to research and develop innovations in the kitchen, to provide the very best results that offer the consumer more time and health benefits2.

Healthy living has been identified as a mega-trend by market analysis. Growth in income, hectic lifestyles and an increased desire to consume more fresh food are all driving factors contributing to the trend3.

Until now, only the world’s finest restaurants had the capacity to cook using the sous-vide method. Today, sous-vide cooking at home is possible thanks to a series of appliances, a must-have for high-end kitchens. Sous-vide cooking addresses the healthy living mega-trend and meets the needs and desires of those who are passionate about food and cooking. Sous-vide cooking allows the consumer to prepare their own healthy, gourmet meals at home.


4. Multifunctional appliances

The size of new-build houses are significantly decreasing, with research finding that the average new-build house now measures 958ft², a decrease of 97ft² since 20034. Careful planning, in combination with the right products and appliances, can really help designers and architects achieve a workable kitchen in any space. The size of the kitchen does not reflect the user’s passion for cooking. There are a raft of appliances that meet the highest technological standards on the market, providing the user with highly professional cooking appliances with tremendous functionality.

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