01 Nov 2017

GROHE advises on how you can future-proof your design


World-leading provider of sanitary fittings, GROHE, explains the importance of the design of a showerhead and how best to future-proof your shower room.

Within the shower area, a square design showerhead is becoming more popular, and can add an on-trend look to the room. Lozenge-shaped showerheads are another great option and are designed with the human body in mind. The lozenge shape mirrors an individual, shoulder to shoulder, to provide optimum coverage of water, for user satisfaction, and adds a modern twist to a bathroom space. Showerheads are also available that offer a range of spray patterns designed to suit the user’s needs exactly, with side shower sprays offering the opportunity for a massaging showering experience. One of GROHE’s latest product launches, the Rainshower F-Series 40" Aquasymphony brings a whole new dimension to showering. The oversized statement head delivers a new and invigorating water experience, with the freedom of choice at the heart of its design.

Customers are now looking for multiple sprays, and for a design finish that will match or complement the rest of the brassware in the bathroom. The size of the showerhead becomes an important feature particularly when considering a shower’s level of performance. Drench head-style showerheads are still a popular choice due to the volume and force of water they provide. However, the size of the head can impact the performance felt by the user. The bigger the showerhead, the less forceful the water becomes. If you’re looking for a more powerful showering experience, choose a showerhead with a small diameter. Though water flow is less, water pressure will increase, delivering a stronger and more invigorating flow. A square design head is becoming more popular, and can add an on-trend look to the room.

Future-proofing your shower room

Both longevity and a touch of luxury are high on the list of ‘must-haves’ before a consumer commits to a purchase. Wetrooms are a popular feature in the modern bathroom as they are spacious and provide easy access for all users. Products hidden behind a wall are designed to last for a long time and so, by investing in these, the risk of faults and need for replacement are minimised.

Consumers are now looking for appliances and gadgets that help conserve precious resources, use less energy, and are kind to the pocket. Look out for products that feature clever technologies, such as GROHE’s EcoJoy, which works to conserve water and energy, without compromising on the performance of the shower or mixer. Also, take note of products listed under the WELL Water Efficiency Label, which recognise products that are designed and tested to reduce water consumption.





Look Book: Complement your shower room

Whether you’re opting for a wetroom or a more traditional-style shower-cum-bathroom, accessories will transform your blank canvas into a relaxing and therapeutic haven.


8 Series Frameless one-door off-set Quadrant, £1682, Merlyn Showering


Arysto shower panel – double entry, £930, Merlyn Showering


Alide Radiator Anthracite, £425, Frontline Bathrooms


Bathroom blinds, luxury grey PVC waterproof roller blinds, £22.95, English Blinds


Original Style Mosaics Nares EW NARRBMOS, £16.95, Original Style


Koni marble pedestal washbasin, €399, Tikamoon

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