02 Oct 2017

Spaceslide looks at your frequently answered questions about storage ideas and inspiration


Will Gough, Commercial Manager for Spaceslide, explains how clever storage could boost your property’s value.

Investing in storage will not only present your home in the best possible light, you may also achieve a higher selling price if you’re planning to sell your self-build on.

A UK-wide survey that we conducted reinforced what we already know – people place a premium on space. Our research revealed that over half consider storage an important feature when choosing a property, and nearly three-quarters are put off by homes lacking adequate storage space.

Bedrooms were considered the room with the greatest need for storage, however, 79% said this was the room most lacking in space in their current home. 69% of people said they would like more storage for clothing and footwear and, not surprisingly, those with children were most likely to need a space for everything in their home.

In fact, good storage was so important to house-hunters that 66% said they would consider paying more for a home with good storage solutions, with 45% saying they would pay up to an additional £5000. For one in 10 people, this figure was as much as £10,000.


There’s no doubt that made-to-measure fitted wardrobes and walk-in dressing rooms provide a real wow factor when trying to sell a home and can be created with a relatively small amount of space and at a surprisingly affordable price.

Try mirrored wardrobe doors which can flood light into a room and create the illusion of more space. Another suggestion is to try sliding room dividers as a stylish replacement for traditional doors and a great way to maximise space, creating a contemporary look.

The additional advantage of investing in bespoke bedroom storage is that it is a great way to organise your own belongings making your home to look as ordered as possible. It can really help to create a feeling of space and tranquillity – and who wouldn’t put a premium on that?




Your questions answered: get the most out of your bedroom storage

Here, Will answers frequently asked questions on design ideas and inspiration for the bedroom.

What makes the perfect wardrobe?

The perfect wardrobe space will have different types of storage to suit your various clothing. Measure the number of folded piles you have, the number of inches of ‘short hang’ and ‘long hang’ you have, and also the number of accessories you want to store in this space. Then you’ll know what you need in terms of rails, drawers, shelving, shoe racks and hooks.

The top shelf in your fitted wardrobe is a great asset and can be used for storing items that are used less frequently, for example, bulky items such as luggage, accessories and hats that need careful storing. Consider including drawers within your wardrobe to reduce the amount of furniture in the rest of the bedroom; this way you can create an open and uncluttered space to rest and relax in.

What are the benefits of fitted bedroom furniture?

The beauty of fitted bedroom furniture is being able to maximise every inch of space available, especially when choosing a floor-to-ceiling option. Discreetly concealed behind your wardrobe doors, you can then cherry-pick from shelf kits, tower units, railings and drawers to get storage customised for your needs.

What should you consider before buying a wardrobe?

Before you design or install any type of wardrobe, you’ll want to measure the amount of clothing you need a home for. Don’t just assess the contents of your current wardrobe. Think about what might be stored in the rest of your bedroom furniture, or even in other rooms around the house. All too often, our clothing overflows into spare rooms and attics; this is a great opportunity to bring everything back to be contained in one logical space.

How much space will you need to create a walk-in wardrobe?

If we were asked to design our dream home, many of us would include a walk-in wardrobe on the list of must-haves. Well, dream no more. All you need is a minimum depth of 1.5m to section off space for a walk-in wardrobe in an existing bedroom, using sleek sliding wardrobe doors to maximise space and create a seamless look between the two areas. If you’re concerned about the impact of reducing the size of your bedroom, consider a mirrored sliding room divider to help make the room feel much larger, as well as maximising light.

How can you get the best use out of your spare bedroom?

You may find spare rooms become a dumping ground for an overflow of clothes and personal items from other rooms in the house. Or perhaps it is used as a makeshift laundry room – a space to have an ironing board and clotheshorse constantly set up for continual use.

Concealing all these things by tidying them away into a sleek, fitted wardrobe has the double benefit of offering guests a relaxing, clutter-free room to sleep in when they come to stay, as well as helping you maintain a tidy house for your own peace of mind.

What’s a great storage solution for children’s bedrooms?

Fitted wardrobes are a great way to maximise space in a child’s bedroom and provide flexible storage for both toys and clothes. Our Classic Kids range is perfect for creative kids as it offers a choice of magnetic whiteboards and chalk sliding doors.

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