More than 4 in 5 Britons believe politicians are ignoring environmental issues in the run up to the election, according to new research.

Henderson Loggie’s tax experts have developed a comprehensive VAT checklist tailored specifically for home improvers. If you’re undertaking a self-build and certain conversion projects, which can include home office facilities, then it’s for you.

When a French family relocated from America and settled in London's Kensington, the expertise of multidisciplinary creative studio OWN LONDON provided the perfect solution to their home renovation aspirations.

A large home built in the 1970s in a Georgian style has been modernised and extended to better suit the needs of contemporary family life.

Natural light and airflow are vital elements in creating a comfortable and inviting living space. When it comes to renovating or building your dream home, choosing the right materials, style and placement for your doors and windows plays a crucial role in optimising these aspects.

20 May 2024
Josie Lywood, Creative Director of Q Design House, discusses the remarkable restoration of her exquisite home in London. From blending traditional English design with contemporary flair to infusing vibrant hues into historic spaces, Josie shares insights into her transformative renovation project.

Chris Sadler, Founder of Kimble Solar, unveils the myriad benefits and crucial considerations for individuals contemplating solar.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the definition of self-care has evolved. No longer confined to mere sustenance and daily routines, caring for yourself and your family now extends to mental health and mindfulness within the home environment.

In many ways, a period home is of a particular architectural or historic significance, and your renovation works are about to disturb it. Whether it’s early Georgian (1714-1765), late Georgian (1765-1811), Regency (1811-1837), Victorian (1837-1901) or Edwardian (1901-1914), here are 10 key considerations from Architect George Omalianakis of GOAStudio London…

If you’ve made the decision to design, plan and build your own home, one of the first considerations is the building material. For a sustainable solution that’s cost-effective, easy to work with, quick to build and offers a host of design options, structural timber ticks all the boxes, says Karen…

Having embarked on a stunning renovation project, Rebecca Johnson, who works in property PR, takes us on a captivating journey through the transformation of her Victorian flat. Here, she shares the highs and lows of renovating her own space, offering insights into the process and the inspiration behind her decisions.

18 Apr 2024
Turrou Landesmann from online building products retailer Drainage Superstore provides some pro tips for choosing, installing and maintaining guttering systems.

18 Apr 2024
On the edge of Bracon Ash, a small picturesque rural village, just six miles from the historical cathedral city of Norwich in Norfolk sits Long Four Acres. This award-winning custom-build development project comprises 15 self-build plots. Outline planning permission was granted by Lanpro, with detailed planning and construction drawings for…

London-based architecture practice ConForm has unlocked a contemporary haven in Hampstead, screened by its natural surroundings.

Amidst the historical grandeur of the Hillhampton House estate lies the Coach House, a structure tracing back to the 16th century. Under the expert guidance of Zebra Architects and the meticulous craftsmanship of 2 Counties Construction, this listed gem underwent a transformative renovation, emerging as a luxurious family home while…

In this insightful piece, Lorna Soar from Okopod delves into the transformative potential of garden pods for remote workspaces. Exploring the benefits of detached workspaces amidst the greenery, she highlights the customisable nature of these pods, offering a sanctuary that fosters productivity, creativity and overall wellbeing.

Selencky Parsons Architects recently unveiled its latest project, Bexhill Road, showcasing remarkable design concepts alongside impactful lighting solutions from Industville.

As so many of us now live and work at home, a well-landscaped garden has become increasingly important in expanding our overall living space. Garden buildings are on the increase, and creating Instagram-worthy outdoor living areas is fast becoming the biggest home trend.

In the bustling neighbourhood of South Tottenham, north London, Will Hollinshead embarked on a transformative journey with Plus Rooms and Six Hands to extend and renovate his Victorian end-of-terrace house. Here, we delve into the details of the home extension project, highlighting the inspiration, challenges and unique features that now…

Pedestal and substructure specialist Wallbarn will be exhibiting its Class A full metal solution for at-height new-build and retrofit balconies and terraces when it exhibits at Futurebuild (March 5-7th, ExCeL, London).

20 Feb 2024
As we use our kitchens more, and for a variety of activities as well as for cooking, it’s not only the space itself that needs to work harder, but the fixtures and fittings within it, too. This is particularly the case for appliances; from the oven and hob to the…

Typically found in traditional homes, moulding has been used throughout architectural history to add personality to walls and ceilings. Although moulding has an association with period properties, it also has a place in modern homes as one of the easiest ways to make a room look more expensive.

Michael Holmes, Property Expert for the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows (HB&R Shows), shares insights on the evolving trends in home renovation. From open-plan living to the influence of the pandemic, Holmes provides a concise overview of challenges, innovations and the future of home design.

In the rapidly-evolving landscape of home automation, smart lighting is transforming the way we illuminate our living spaces. No longer confined to the simple flip of a switch, smart lighting has ushered in a new era of convenience, efficiency and personalised ambience in the lighting world, says Antonio Formisano, Product…

15 Jan 2024
When, in a major house renovation, should you bring in an interior designer? The owners of this calming coastal retreat in Seahouses, Northumberland, began consulting with Studio Dean before they’d even purchased the property, and continued collaborating with the firm throughout every stage of the project.

Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors, explains how renovators can make practical spaces in their properties without eliminating natural light.

Working on a self-build project can be exciting, as homeowners can create their ideal space tailored to their needs, says Andy Kennedy, Designer for Crendon Timber Engineering.

Michelle and Russell Abrahams purchased their house that stood upon a plot of land in Highgate in February 2017, knowing full well that planning in this part of town was very tricky to get approval on.

30 Nov 2023
Converting a church into a private dwelling certainly comes with some challenges, as well as some benefits. Glass can help you address some of those challenges, as well as adding beauty to the finished project, as Susan Sinden, Commercial Manager for ESG Group, explains.

Windows are, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of a home – letting natural light in, whilst their glazing helps keep the cold out and ensures your home stays warm in winter.

15 Nov 2023
Nestled in one of west London’s most desirable areas, Huron House, a historic building, underwent extensive renovations over two decades ago. Now, the owners have revitalised it to blend modern luxury with its timeless charm. Initially a simple kitchen upgrade, this project has evolved into a full-scale renovation by Studio…

Have you ever been inspired to transform your home because of an eye-catching architectural design on social media or in a glossy magazine? People love to share pictures of their stunning home renovations, new-build designs and extensions, and almost all have a particular principal feature – structural glass.

As the gloomy economy and cost-of-living crisis continue to bite, it might be tempting to forgo booking a professional and dabble in some DIY electrics to save costs. However, it is vital to remember that there is a vast difference between adding a new lick of paint and carrying out…

The latest trends in pantry design focus on the practical nature of kitchen design, erring towards organisational furniture, especially in terms of pantry storage. If you want to create a luxurious signature style at home that extends into the boot room, utility area and living room, then it makes sense…

12 Oct 2023
Satish Jassal Architects has completed a new-build, single-storey house on a backland site in Haringey, north London.

The brief for Wyvern House was for a one-off, contemporary design located on the disused tennis courts within the grounds of the client’s existing Grade II-Listed home. As keen watchers of Grand Designs, the clients wanted to create a striking design with detailed craftsmanship.

12 Oct 2023
Nestled amidst the rustic charm of a lovingly renovated barn, this month’s Q&A transports us into the world of Nick and his family, where cats, dogs and even horses are part of their daily life.

Tiny houses have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering a simpler and more sustainable way of living. These compact dwellings are not just about downsizing; they represent a lifestyle choice that emphasises minimalism, reduced environmental impact and financial freedom. However, to fully embrace the tiny house dream, it’s crucial…

Andrew Curry, Training Manager at Schlüter-Systems, discusses the benefits and installation options for underfloor heating systems, providing homeowners with cosy and energy-efficient heating solutions.

Nestled within the heart of Islington, London, stands an exquisite Grade II-Listed villa that has undergone a remarkable transformation. With the creative ingenuity of Architecture for London, this historic gem, named Stone House, has not only been extended but also carefully rejuvenated, now embodying the essence of modern opulence with…

Interior design trends come and go, but one material that has a timeless appeal is wood. Oak floors can add a sense of character and warmth to any space, with engineered boards creating a luxury finish that is as practical as it is versatile.

The Myers Touch, an award-winning interior architect and designer renowned for crafting exquisite luxury kitchen living spaces, collaborated with the owners of this striking, modern new build situated in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. This unfolded while the owners actively partnered with their architect to conceive and construct their…

Creating extra space for home entertaining, a trend that has become increasingly heightened since the pandemic, means making the most of our outdoor spaces and sprucing up the patio. Here, Ben Bryden of RAK Ceramics UK, explains how choosing the right flooring can help achieve a seamless, all-weather look.

Architect firm Studio Bua and interior designer Eliská Design have collaborated to transform a nondescript Georgian mews house in central London into a luxurious home, perfect for parties and entertaining. Located in a private mews in the Belgravia conservation area, the house had good bones but lacked personality. It also…

As rising temperatures and record-breaking heatwaves become more frequent in the UK, Nick Fisher, Director of Sales and Customer Service from home and self-build online retail destination Good Build Superstore, looks at some of the ‘cool’ roofing materials that are available to help create comfortable conditions all year round.

From heightening safety and security to enhancing kerb appeal, illuminating the front of a property requires careful planning and consideration. In this article, Katie Georgeson from 4lite discusses how to approach this very specific type of lighting installation.

If you love where you live and want to radically reduce your energy bills, make your home more comfortable and help tackle the climate crisis, then undertaking a Passivhaus retrofit (EnerPHit) could be for you.

Embarking on a kitchen renovation can be an exciting experience for homeowners. John and Heather Sibly recently undertook their own kitchen extension project, and agreed to share their journey with i-Build. In this Q&A, they discuss the inspiration behind their decision, the challenges they faced and the final result that…

What is a brick? It can be described as a perfectly natural blend of the elements of earth, fire, air and water. Typically, it is made from clay formed into a rectangular shape and fired in a kiln to form a unit, which is suitable to clad the facade of…

In the heart of Bloomsbury, London, this two-bedroom apartment offered a blank canvas for a beautiful pied-a-terre. Situated in the historic West End and near the theatres of Covent Garden, the period apartment hadn’t been renovated in many years. LLI Design was commissioned to completely redesign and refurbish the apartment,…

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